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ROEKO GuttaFlow bioseal

Not just for filling, also for healing

GuttaFlow bioseal is a state-of-the-art obturation material used for sealing and filling root canals. Hydroxylapatite crystals are formed on contact with the body's own fluids. These in turn are natural components of bone and tooth tissue and support the healing process. This helps ENDO experts as well as beginners to create a lasting solution for their patients. As with the proven GuttaFlow 2 system, GuttaFlow bioseal also combines free-flow guttapercha with an appropriate sealer at room temperature.

  • Cold filling system - Guttapercha and sealer in a single application
  • Very good biocompatibility, the healing process is supported by increasing the pH value
  • Optimized curing time and tight seal of the root canal
  • Excellent flow properties and radiopacity
  • Nearly insoluble

ROEKO GuttaFlow 2

The simple approach to root canal obturation

GuttaFlow 2 is a cold filling system for the obturation of root canals which combines two products in one: Guttapercha in the form of powder in the micrometre range and a sealer, both of which cure quickly together. GuttaFlow is the first flowable, non-heated Gutta Percha that does not shrink, but expands slightly. It shows a slight expansion and it adheres very well to the gutta-percha point (masterpoint) as well as to the dentin. Therefore no time-consuming condensation is necessary.

  • Cold filling system - Guttapercha and sealer in a single application
  • Excellent flow properties and radiopacity
  • Tight seal of the root canal
  • Nearly insoluble

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